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Law Offices of William G. Hanson: California

The Law Offices of William G. Hanson are routinely successful in handling and resolving business, real estate and other civil disputes and legal issues before the state and federal civil trial courts in the San Francisco Bay area and throughout California. Our offices are located in Walnut Creek, just north of the Walnut Creek Bart Station.  

William G. Hanson

Principal Attorney

The Law Offices of William G. Hanson were opened in 2002 in response to a growing need to make legal solutions more practical and affordable. As an alumni of several highly regarded large national law firms, Hanson saw the ability to reduce fees and bring practical solutions to more people and businesses by employing creative problem solving techniques not often considered by traditionally conservative large law firms. Now, with over thirty years of experience as a civil trial lawyer, Hanson continues to provide efficient, high-quality, and affordable dispute resolution services and is a wise alternative to larger firms costing considerably more.

What Can We Help You With?

Limiting the Downside, Maximizing the Upside: Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Considering entering into a business agreement, signing a contract or buying or selling property? What is written into a contract matters. Contract terms dictate your rights in the event a dispute arises. Once we understand your objectives and goals, we efficiently draft and negotiate contract terms to advance your interests and to protect you in the event things do not go as planned. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We have the tools and experience to provide you with options and solutions. Depending on the details, resolving the dispute may call for mediation, arbitration, or litigation, or sometimes, just a meeting where agreements can be made. We have a long history of successful advocacy, not only in the trial courts but also in all alternative dispute resolution forums.

Aggressive Litigation & Trial Advocacy

Our strength and expertise in all of the areas we practice law comes from our history of success at trial. On those occasions where settlement cannot be reached, we do not hesitate to take a more aggressive approach. Should your case call for litigation, we will advocate fiercely and unapologetically through trial. This is our forte.

Recent Case Results

The Purchase and Sale of a Marina

After purchasing a marina, our client discovered the seller failed to disclose
pertinent property information. We forced the seller to return $405,000.00 of
the purchase price.


We represented a landlord after a commercial tenant abandoned its lease
without warning. At trial, our client was awarded all of her damages as well
as all of her attorney's fees and related costs of $204,934.00.


An electrical subcontractor was sued by a dissatisfied homeowner. We forced
the reluctant general contractor to fully defend and indemnify our client, who
paid nothing.

Areas of Focus

Resolving today’s legal concerns. Applying preventative measures to prevent future disputes.

Initial consultations are free

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Helping clients throughout California protect all that they’ve worked for

Our clients come to us with a wide array of legal concerns. First, we listen carefully. We answer your questions and advise you on how best to prosecute or protect your interests whether it is a business, a property, or other asset or right. This means we become familiar with your unique circumstances and objectives. We work to resolve legal issues after they arise and take preventative measures to protect our clients from future legal issues that might arise. 

Whether you are involved in a business dispute, a real estate transaction or a disagreement that you're having trouble getting resolved, consider giving us a call to discuss your circumstances, without obligation. We speak candidly with our clients and can help you with possible options and remedies you might not have considered. A dispute with legal implications can be a stressful event. We can help you see clearly through the uncertainty to the solution. We have over three decades of of finding practical, effective and efficient legal solutions to often complex legal issues. We take our fiduciary responsibilities to our clients very seriously and do what it takes to obtain favorable results.