Recent Case Results: When Our Clients Are Plaintiffs, We Prosecute Hard and Routinely Win at Trial.

Partnership Dispute: Fraud, Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duties

It’s a Mistake to Attempt to Defraud One of Our Clients: A Defrauded Restauranteur Recovers His Losses

A restauranteur made a considerable financial and sweat equity investment in a restaurant business. However, his partner did not make the contributions called for by their agreement. After making his contributions and waiting too long for his partner to do the same, the restauranteur became our client because he wanted to recover his losses. We quickly discovered that the restauranteur’s partner withheld information about his ability to make his contributions to the business. After the trial, the court found that our client had been defrauded by his partner. We won on causes of action for fraud, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary duties and our client was awarded and recovered his damages. Post ruling/prejudgment settlement and confidentiality provision entered as to damages.

Landlord-Tenant Commercial Lease Dispute: Breach of Contract

One Way or Another, We Make Sure that Those Doing Business with Our Clients Honor Their Agreements

A commercial tenant abandoned a lease, leaving the landlord with an empty space with no advance warning. We advised the landlord on how best to mitigate her damages and went to trial alleging breach of contract after unsuccessful attempts to get the tenant to settle. Our client was not only awarded all of her damages but also all of her attorney’s fees and court costs, as well as pre and post judgment interest. Judgment for our client for $205,573.00

The Purchase and Sale of a Marina: Breach of Contract, Failure to Disclose, Misrepresentation

We Insure Our Clients Get the Benefit of Their Bargains

A couple seeking to live their dream bought a marina. Certain conditions surrounding the marina, including the structural integrity of nearby levees which were in need of repair and the effect it had upon the value of the property were not disclosed by the sellers. The sale had been completed and the buyers had taken ownership and possession when the condition of the levees became known to them. The couple wanted to keep the marina but felt they were overcharged. They came to us. As the trial date approached, the sellers agreed to return $405,000 to our buyers representing more than the cost of repair and the diminished value of the property. Then the seller tried to back out of the settlement agreement and avoid making the refund. We quickly enforced the settlement agreement and converted it to a judgment which was promptly paid in full. Judgment for our clients for $405,000.00.

Defense Case Results: When Our Clients are Defendants, We Prepare a Strong Defense and Routinely Win at Trial

Defense of Subcontractor: Breach of Construction Contract

If You’re Sued, We Are Dedicated to Finding Your Fastest and Easiest Way Out

An electrical subcontractor on a new home construction project was sued when the homeowner became dissatisfied with the construction and sued the general contractor, all the subcontractors and everyone having anything to do with the project. The electrical subcontractor sought our services. We immediately forced the general contractor to defend and indemnify our client and the case against our client was dismissed without him having to pay anything to the homeowner and saving him into six figures in defense costs to boot.

Residential Construction: Breach of Contract

Successful Defense of a Homeowner Sued by A Construction Contractor

Our client, a homeowner, engaged a construction contractor to build her a new 3000 sq. ft. home. Our client felt the contractor’s work was not up to good and workmanlike standards and the work progressed slower than scheduled. Nevertheless, the contractor continued to bill her and stopped working when she refused to pay him ahead of the schedule for completion of the work. The contractor filed a mechanic’s lien on the property and sued the homeowner, alleging breach of contract. That’s when she contacted us. The case went to trial and the court found in favor of our client on all counts. The court specifically found that 1) she had been overcharged, 2) the contractor failed to timely complete the work, and 3) the contractor abandoned  the project. We also succeeded on our counter-claim forcing the contractor to return all the money our client overpaid, as well as all of her court costs. The trial court’s judgment was entirely in favor of our client. Upon entry of judgment, the contractor appealed. Although we are not an appellate firm and do not normally handle appeals, we handled this appeal to defend the judgment we won and were successful, as the appellate court affirmed the trial court’s judgment in its entirety.

Liability for Fire: Negligence and Breach of Contract

We Force Disagreeable Insurance Companies to Honor their Policies and Pay to Defend Our Clients and, When Necessary, to Compensate Plaintiffs for Liability (So Our Clients Don’t Have to)

A prominent fence manufacturer was sued after an employee inadvertently set fire to a mobile home while performing welding work. The fence company’s potential exposure was significant because the plaintiff was alleging mental and emotional distress, along with severe life-long limitations caused by the fire. The fence manufacturer contacted its insurance carrier who quickly and repeatedly denied and rejected the fence company’s claims and requests to cover the claim. Then the fence company became a client of ours. We forced the insurance company to pay to defend the case and to cover the claim, based upon OUR interpretation of the insurance policy, not theirs. The insurance company reevaluated its position, defended the case and paid out on the claim, saving our client well into six figures on defense costs alone. The defense costs were over and above what our client would have had to pay to the Plaintiff if the insurance company had been able to deny the claim. Our client paid neither. We stayed involved in the case on behalf of our client, looking over the shoulders of insurance adjusters and their lawyers to insure they were not passing their obligations on to our clients and to enforce ALL of our client’s rights under the policy. Our involvement saved our client considerable financial resources that they were then able to use to advance their business.