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Business Law and Business Litigation

We offer our experience and services to successfully resolve disputes in the areas of business, real estate and other civil law matters. We can quickly and efficiently analyze the rights and liabilities of the parties in the most complex of matters and will always let you know your options. You will find

communicating with us is easy. We give solid legal advice and are routinely successful advocating in our clients' best interests. Call 925-280-9623 to consult with an experienced trial attorney without obligation.

The firm also provides general counsel services, structures transactions and meets the preventative needs of business organizations from our law offices in Walnut Creek, California.

Let us help you with your business law needs.


Real Estate Law and Construction Law

We have a history of success through trial in property and real estate law matters and construction disputes. We are recognized for our efficiency and abilities in resolving real estate and property law disputes, commercial and residential disputes, issues with purchase and sale agreements, deed

transfers, construction matters and matters involving real estate brokers and sales people.

We also offer our experience to clients in construction claims and disputes, mechanics liens and contractual issues, leases and in the construction and renovation of residential and commercial property.

Use our experience and efficiency to your advantage. Consult with us for free to learn how we would handle your case.

How We Can Help You

The Law Offices of William G. Hanson in Walnut Creek, California, take pride in providing result-driven, cost efficient legal services for businesses and individuals in state and federal courts and in alternative dispute resolution forums such as arbitration and mediation. Our clients use our experience, advice and counsel to obtain favorable results when negotiating agreements or at trial. Leveraging our experience adds value to your legal dispute, dilema or problem and puts you in a position of strength to obtain the most favorable result. We help by giving sound legal advice and services in the best interests of our clients. We are routinely successful in achieving our clients' goals through resolution by settlement. When faced with strenuous or unreasonable opposition to our clients' positions we litigate assertively and have a history of success through trial. We are a favorable option to larger firms costing considerably more.

William Hanson is the firm’s principal attorney. He oversees all client matters and provides efficient, well considered, in-depth legal solutions. With more than 25 years of experience as a civil trial attorney practicing in state and federal courts throughout the U.S., he has successfully represented diverse clients from individuals to businesses small and large.

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Contact us at 925-280-9623 in Walnut Creek, CA, if you need a skilled trial Civil Lawyer specializing in business, real estate law, civil and legal services.